Book Description

Grandes Dreamers proudly celebrates the life, journey, impressive careers and groundbreaking milestones of goal-driven Latina women born in the United States of America during the twenty and twenty-first centuries. The twelve in-depth, powerful and heartfelt stories found in Grandes Dreamers, highlights each notable figure's upbringing, childhood, cultural background, and the adversity they faced and endured in pursuit of their dreams. Our mission is for Latina/o/x youth to know that in the 21st century, they can walk into any library, bookstore, shop and classroom and find an empowering bilingual book like Grandes Dreamers, seeing themselves proudly represented in the areas of sports, journalism, science, aviation, activism, politics, airspace, arts, and literature. Featuring the bright and vivid art of Anna Alvarado, this is a book that captures the eyes, hearts and souls of youth and adults alike looking for another source of encouragement and inspiration.    

Our 12 Grandes Dreamers / Nuestras 12 Grandes Dreamers 

 Ellen Ochoa, Laurie Hernández, Selena Quintanilla Pérez, Sonia Sotomayor, Maria Elena Salinas, Olga Custodio, Sandra Cisneros, Jennifer Lopez, Dolores Huerta, Rita Moreno, Sylvia Acevedo, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez